No matter what the genre of the film might be, our projects have some key common elements: they are well written stories with well-defined three-dimensional characters; strong themes that appeal to the human heart (international focus) and there’s always a sense of hope as our primary aim is to entertain our audiences.


We are currently developing the following feature films either directly or in conjunction with other production companies:

  • Chasing The Devil – Found footage, Horror

The “true” story of a journalism student who attempts to make a name for herself on the internet through undercover videos debunking exorcisms and demonic activity, until she herself becomes possessed, in CHASING THE DEVIL.

  • Darkness Falls – Horror-Thriller

It is a perfectly ordinary day when the stranger came to town. Armed to the teeth, the sheriff had no alternative but to arrest him. But when the cloud crept in after him, the citizens of that sleepy little town were to find that dangers lurked in that darkness. Hidden inside that black cloud were the man-eating shadow dwellers and the only man who could save them, was the stranger in the cell.


  • The Legend Of The Diamond – Fantasy

Robert, a writer of fantasy novels, has suffered the death of his two-year-old son. The pain was so strong that unconsciously he started to live more and more in his writings, away from reality. However in his latest novel there appear magical characters that he cannot control and a hero who is more related to himself than he ever imagined. So without even noticing it, the hero’s journey becomes the writer’s therapy and, the rescuing of the beloved, a reunion with his wife in real life. A story that constantly takes us between two worlds, the magical and the real. Between fantasy and reality there is only one truth: the weight of our hearts measured in the scales of Life and Death.

  • For Dinner At Posti’s – Drama

Everyone loves a hero. But what if the hero is a short Italian-American chef, son of a mobster, a CIA pioneer and a friend of Hollywoodʼs elite?

  • Thy Fiefdom Comes – Fantasy – Optioned novel written by David Ko Chin
  • Soap – Comedy

A virus affects the adult population of Australia making them regress in mental age and kids need to take over running of families, business, Government and world affairs until they find the unexpected cure: to eat soap.

  • Gemini Project – Action-thriller

A slick and stunning female double-agent is almost killed by her identical clones as she attempts to destroy the Gemini technology that created her. We’ve also got a number of documentary films in feature length form.